Kids Classes

Painting, Drawing, Cooking & Baking…. Whichever your child’s interests are, Hammar’s Studios is ready to welcome Aspiring Artists and Chefs into one of our programs to foster their creativity and build lifelong skills.

Art classes

Culinary Classes

45-90minClass Length
6-8 WeeksDuration
4-TeensAge of Participants
AllSkill Level
$159Per Student

Program Highlights

Personalized programs tailored to your Child’s abilities

Small class sizes with a hands-on approach

Experienced Instructors

Inspiring & Safe locations

Simple Sign Up!

No Registration Fees

All materials Included


Art Classes

Improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills.

Increases creativity and open-mindedness.

Creativity is cited by business leaders as the top leadership competency for the future!


Aspiring Artists

This is the perfect class for anyone who has considered private painting lessons!
Experience the joy of art as you complete your very own polished piece of artwork within a small, personalized class. Novice or experienced, expand upon your current skills; learn the basics or grow into more advanced levels while creating a meaningful masterpiece in your medium of choice. Choose from acrylic, watercolor, oils, or pastels; our team of Artists will mentor and guide you along. The possibilities are endless as we tailor our approach to meet the comfort level and needs of each unique student!


Dare To Draw

This open studio style class is perfect for anyone who has ever considered private drawing lessons! Learn to structure, sharpen and expand upon your drawing skills with personalized instruction that’s tailored to support and guide you to achieve your personal best! Select from inspiring reference images and your mediums of choice: graphite, pen and ink, colored pencils, pastels or charcoal. All materials are included.


FUN-Damentals Of Drawing

Cultivate artistic curiosity with a children’s class that will teach your child the FUN-damentals of drawing! This course covers drawing from A-Z…. from drawing materials & tools, art terminology, perspective, blending, composition, structure and more! This is the perfect beginners lesson based style class and recommended as a prerequisite to Intro to Drawing and Dare To Draw.


Intro To Drawing

Calling all passionate doodlers and drawers! Go beyond the sketchbook with an intro class that introduces curious minds to the foundations and principles of drawing. Students will explore the 7 principles of art and 8 elements of design that expands upon the foundations of drawing! This class is recommended prior to Dare to Draw, Design and Anime, and Illustration.


Design & Anime

This course is ideal for the artist who marvels at animation, gaming, design, or creating stories. This is a beginner to intermediate level course that gradually builds to more advanced techniques, types of illustrations, and helps to develop core skills as designers and creative thinkers. Then, with designer knowledge we will begin developing sequences of ideas and stories; shaping characters and designs to gradually create our very own final piece!

Culinary Classes

Builds authentic self-esteem

Lays the foundation of life skills for adulthood

Fosters responsibility and self-discipline in chores

Develops an attitude of service to the family


Tater Tots

“Mommy & Me” (or any caretaker) 1 day culinary classes. Keep little hands busy with a single day cooking or baking class that’s designed to develop hands on skills with tater-tot sized Chefs! We will gain a healthy interest in cooking or baking in the kitchen as we keep little ones engaged in creating a fun recipe. Tater Tot Chefs will be delighted as they knead dough, roll, and work alongside their caregiver to create foods from the heart. Best of all… there’s no messes for you to worry about!


Junior Chefs

Let’s cook! Our Jr Chef’s culinary classes are the perfect concoction of culinary curiosity, creative menu choices, and hands-on lessons; all led & directed by experienced Chefs who are passionate to cook alongside kids! Your child will gain confidence in the kitchen–and beyond! Each cooking program is designed to introduce culinary basics while gradually “whisking” in more sophisticated and challenging culinary lessons. 60 minutes for 6 weeks.


Aspiring Chefs I

See how visual representation and food go together like frosting & cake! The Aspiring Chef’s program introduces age-appropriate recipes, exercises, & challenges within a small culinary class setting. The first 3 classes are designed to build upon the foundations of French Classical cuisine, while the next three are tailored to challenge and solicit independent adaptations and creativity. This program builds upon itself & doesn’t repeat lessons. 60 minutes for 6 weeks.


Aspiring Chefs II

Let’s kick it up a notch! Welcome to Aspiring Chefs for ages 16-adults. Whether you are an adult looking to achieve culinary comfort & creativity in the kitchen, or a teen preparing yourself for the future- this program is perfectly suited for adult culinary palates. The first 3 classes are designed to build upon the foundations of French Classical cuisine, while the next three are tailored to challenge and solicit independent adaptations and creativity. Great for a year round culinary hobbyists, enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to learn about culinary arts. 60 minutes for 6 weeks.


À La Carte Classes & Workshops

A single cooking or baking class between 1-3 hours depending on the culinary agenda and varies in rate accordingly. These classes are perfect to experience seasonally as a family outing or see if you are a good fit to register for a weekly program. Have some fun together and even learn something new!
Parents or caretakers of little ones should accompany children throughout the duration of the class unless the drop off option is checked with the signup.

Raving Fans

Not ready to give it a shot? Check out what some of our creators had to say about their experience!
Absolutely love this place!!! So kid friendly while maintaining such a high level of professionalism! Every single person there from the owner, Brianna, to the employees to the chefs that come in and work with the kids are so kind and patient!!! We drive 25 minutes in each direction for an hour class, and wouldn’t give it up for anything!!!!
Yolla B.
I’m so happy that a friend told me about Hammar’s art studio! My daughter was so thrilled everyday she got to go this past week. The Staff are so sweet and great with children We can’t wait until our next session!
Laurie C.
My daughter loves Brianna and Sam and the other instructors! Everyone is so patient with the kids and one-on-one help. She has done fundamentals of drawing and a couple painting workshops so far.... her artistic ability is increasing with finer details and focus. We are going for the Wee shop classes next! Highly recommended for all ages!
Heather B.