Family Culinary

The Family that cooks together–stays together! Our family style Culinary Classes are the perfect concoction of quality time together & gaining new skills in the kitchen. Just roll up your sleeves and leave the rest to us!




Mommy & Me

Private Group Options

$30Per Person
1+Day Class or Multiple
1-6Group Size
AnySkill Level

Program Highlights

Aspiring Chefs of all ages will have a blast learning unique recipes & making sweeeeeet memories together! Build independence with our kids-only drop-off cooking classes or sign up for a single-session & even bring the whole family!

Friendly & Knowledgeable Culinary Team

Hands-on Demonstrations

Artisan recipes & fresh Ingredients

Take home Creations

No mess or fuss- leave that to Us!

Have a budding Chef who’s ready to build independence in the kitchen? Check out our Aspiring Chefs & Jr Chefs drop-off culinary programs.
Kids Culinary Classes

More Details

Visit a Studio and choose from hundreds of unique ceramic options or select a painting from the seasonal Gallery. Once you have completed your purchase, you will be seated with your party at the Painting Experience tables for service with our Studio Artists. Have A Seat and let your inner artist take over your brush! Walk-ins are always welcome, reservations are suggested.

Junior Chefs Ages 6-11

Let’s cook! Our Jr Chef’s culinary classes are the perfect concoction of culinary curiosity, creative menu choices, and hands-on lessons; all led & directed by experienced Chefs who are passionate to cook alongside kids! Your child will gain confidence in the kitchen–and beyond! Each cooking program is designed to introduce culinary basics while gradually “whisking” in more sophisticated and challenging culinary lessons. 60 minutes for 6 weeks.

Aspiring Chefs Ages 12-Teens

See how well visual representation and food go together like frosting & cake!

The Aspiring Chef’s program introduces age-appropriate recipes, exercises, & challenges within a small culinary class setting. The first 3 classes are designed to build upon the foundations of French Classical cuisine, while the next three are tailored to challenge and solicit independent adaptations and creativity. This program builds upon itself & doesn’t repeat lessons. 60 minutes for 6 weeks.

Aspiring Chefs Ages 16 - Adults

BAM! Let’s kick it up a notch! Welcome to Aspiring Chefs for ages 16-adults. Whether you are an adult looking to achieve culinary comfort & creativity in the kitchen, or a teen preparing yourself for the future- this program is perfectly suited for adult culinary palates. The first 3 classes are designed to build upon the foundations of French Classical cuisine, while the next three are tailored to challenge and solicit independent adaptations and creativity. Great for a year round culinary hobbyists, enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to learn about culinary arts. 60 minutes for 6 weeks.

A-La Carte Classes & Workshops

A single cooking or baking class between 1-3 hours depending on the culinary agenda and varies in rate accordingly. These classes are perfect to experience seasonally as a family outing or see if you are a good fit to register for a weekly program. Have some fun together and even learn something new!

Parents or caretakers of little ones should accompany children throughout the duration of the class unless the drop off option is checked with the signup.

Tater Tots Ages 4+

“Mommy & Me”(or any caretaker) 1 day culinary class. Keep little hands busy with a single day cooking or baking class that’s designed to develop hands on skills with tater-tot sized Chefs! We will gain a healthy interest in cooking or baking in the kitchen as we keep little ones engaged in creating a fun recipe. Tater Tot Chefs will be delighted as they knead dough, roll, and work alongside their caregiver to create foods from the heart. Best of all… there’s no messes for you to worry about!

Raving Fans

Not ready to give it a shot? Check out what some of our creators had to say about their experience!
We love Hammars art studio. Brianna is extremely friendly and always welcomes questions and responses promptly. The whole team is so accommodating. What I especially love is that she was understanding and considerate when it came to my son's severe food allergies. You have a loyal student! Thank you for all you do.
Nicole T.
We have attended multiple events at Hammar’s art studio and wish we could attend even more than we do. My daughter is a very anxious 9 year old and the staff here has always made her so comfortable. We have also done events together which was an amazing experience. I can not speak highly enough for this studio!
Cyndie F.