Private Auctions & Fundraising

Join together and let a good cause create a great event! Our studio is the perfect place to inspire a love of visual and culinary arts, while raising awareness, funds, and a positive vibe for your cause.

Reach out today to plan a successful fundraiser that’s tailored for your organization!

Personalized options that are tailored to your Organization

Large or small, we can accommodate your group!

Community centered focus

Local & International Artists

Instructional Chefs & local cuisine available

$9.99+Per Person
2+ hrsDuration
20-45Number of Guests
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Program Highlights

Paint Nights

Art Shows

Sourced From Aspiring Artists

Raise Funds & Awareness For Your Cause

Help You Community Grow

Inspire Local Art


Raving Fans

Not ready to give it a shot? Check out what some of our creators had to say about their experience!
I adore this place. Most of the time when my kids go to paint pottery places what comes back is a goopy mess. This couldn't be further from the truth for what my children brought back from their time at Hammar's Art Studio. Brianna has such an amazing way with the kids. She teaches them techniques that they can do on their own that make the pieces look AMAZING. She taught them to be patient as they painted, how to sponge off some of the paint to give it this wonderful patina effect, and how to do it sequentially so that the end result was something they were SOOOOO proud of. Hammar's also has perfectly sized aprons to keep your little ones clean too. We will surely go back again!
Vail F.